2 min readSep 11, 2023

They say when two people are angry, they yell at each other.

It’s unusually loud and jarring — Almost a screeching sound irritating to the ears.

I never understood why two people shout and yell at each other when they are angry.

I couldn’t do it myself. It felt out of character — Almost like I would be enacting some play.

I remember being forced to participate in a play in eighth grade. The character was supposed to be in love with a girl and yet angry at her for some unknown reason. He needed to yell at her —

Show some emotion”, the play director hissed.

Try as hard as I could, I just could not bring myself to do it. It was not for the lack of trying. When it came out, it sounded more like a plea, a cry instead.

I was kicked out of the play, but I learned something about myself that day — Wild emotions make the world go around.

It’s a bit strange that people can yell when angry, especially because they are right next to each other.

Why are you shouting? You are right next to that person.

It wasn’t until I was in my forties that I finally found an answer tucked away in an obscure book written by a Sufi saint who explained why.

He said the reason why two people shout when they are angry is that although they are next to each other physically, their hearts are a world apart

Because their hearts are so far apart, they feel the need to shout and try to make up that distance created.

And you probably have noticed that it works the other way as well.

When two people share a lot of love between them, they barely whisper.

Almost too softly,

Probably because at that moment in time, their hearts are just close.

And when their love transcends this worldly realm, their hearts are one.

That is when they fall completely silent.

Because no sound is needed.

There is one heart and it is speaking to itself.

A door stands alone in the forest.

Once you walk through and swing its hinges,

You enter into the same woods as before,

but you are no longer the same person.

There is now a deep abiding silence within you.

Find that silence within each of you.

and maybe — Just maybe,

You will dissolve into something that you always were -

that never-ending spring of eternal love.




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