Beyond (09.30.2021)

1 min readDec 1, 2021


I guess I tried to tell them that the mind is the door to the mystery, that is bigger than us.

How two people, strangers, come to meet at a specific time and place.

It takes eons in the making to get to that single moment.

There is this poem by a Venezuelan writer that begins

The earth turned to bring us closer,

It turned on itself and in us.

Until it finally brought us together

On this street at this moment.

There are some mysteries that are beyond you.

Recognizing the limitations of your logical brain is taking that first step.

If you follow this unicorn into the deep forest, you will find yourself standing at the edge of the precipice.

If you look down, it will terrify you.

And if you are brave enough, you will take that leap from that precipice — into the unknown.

To what’s beyond reality.

Beyond the invisible.




Life is represented by two distinct sets of people: The people who live it and the people who observe them. These are their stories.